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Silver Service

Silver Service

As taxi industry is going through the competition of different providers we provide best service in Melbourne simply known as SILVER SERVICE TAXI. Where people work together in a group,simply known by SILVER Service.

Our main motive is to provide the customer with good service,clean TAXI,Nice branded cars. Mostly silver service cars are SILVER in color.

Most beneficial thing to use Silver service is they are always 10 minutes early then the booking time.
We always send the customer a text message 10-15 minutes before the booking time to notify the customer by giving them the cab number picking them up.

In a Silver service fleet the drivers are usually more experienced then normal industry drivers. As they have a different regulation to clear to become a Silver accreditation  driver.

Silver Service

Silver Service

Silver drivers are very well known to the ways of Melbourne because of long experience. They always use best and direct routes to avoid delays in traffic so customer will be always on time for their meetings.

Customers were always a first priority to the cab industry but because of some drivers our industry was struggling at one stage. But now SILVER drivers come ahead by providing well maintained nice cabs to get the pride back of taxi industry.

In the past our industry drivers were very good and the cabs were also very good according to that time. But as you see now customers have more choice there are lot of another providers in the market as well.

In that scenario SILVER SERVICE operators are buying new technology cars for taxi to give a good competition to another providers. As silver service fleet we have all sort of Luxury brand cars like Caprice,G6e,Lexus,Mercedes.

As a wagon we have Audi Q5,Kluger and titanium Territory top model cars. To learn more about the services or taxis offered by Taxi Melbourne Airport please head to our Services page.

By booking with us, one thing is for sure that you will never miss your flight and always get that superior taxi experience. Call now on  0470 514 452.

If you are 4 or more passengers and need a bigger van. You don’t have to worry, we still have you covered. We also have White airport shuttle vans with leather seats and extra luxury. To book them please head to